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A Central German and German Low German word, derived from Middle Low German knobbe. Cognate with Dutch knobbel.



Knubbel m (genitive Knubbels, plural Knubbel, diminutive Knübbelchen n)

  1. (regional, northern and central Germany) knob, knot (a swollen or thick spot on something)
    Diesen Knubbel hier am Bein hatte ich immer schon.
    I've always had this knob here on my leg.
    Seitdem mein Mann gestrichen hat, sind hier überall Knübbelchen an der Wand.
    Since my husband painted [the house], there are little clumps at the walls everywhere.
  2. (regional, western Germany) knot (of people)
    Vor dem kleinen Fernseher stand ein ganzer Knubbel Leute.
    A knot of people was standing in front of that small TV.


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