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Stühle in Mexiko — Chairs in Mexico.


From Old High German stuol, from Proto-Germanic *stōlaz. Cognate with Dutch stoel, English stool, Swedish stol; ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *steh₂- and thus related to stehen.



Stuhl m (genitive Stuhls or Stuhles, plural Stühle)

  1. a chair (to sit on)
    Ich hab die ganze Zeit auf meinem Stuhl gesessen! — I have sat on my chair all the time!
  2. a chair (professorship)
    Professor Martin wurde überraschend auf den Stuhl berufen. — Surprisingly, Professor Martin received the professorship.
  3. (euphemism, mainly used in medical professions) feces, stool
    Herr Urkwicz hatte heute wieder sehr weichen Stuhl. — Today Mr Urkwicz had again very soft feces.


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