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Ejakulacija edit300:40, 27 January 2015
hi-noun and ur-noun420:35, 22 January 2015
Template talk:ms-adj010:58, 20 January 2015
Kucing200:37, 18 January 2015
User:SuperWonderbot218:15, 17 January 2015
Transliteration modules for some Indic and African languages410:38, 9 January 2015
PB<s>& J</s>P891722:35, 3 January 2015
internet100:03, 2 January 2015
Your habit of removing threats201:06, 28 December 2014
private contact109:18, 22 December 2014
aWa320:33, 16 December 2014
IPA for words ending in -odporny112:02, 14 December 2014
Module:tagged but not listed118:20, 3 December 2014
RFDO comment221:10, 1 December 2014
Horemheb article812:29, 30 November 2014
Polish noun templates - tantum parameter421:39, 17 November 2014
New edition with English definition108:28, 17 November 2014
Redirecting templates117:05, 10 November 2014
sorry118:53, 6 November 2014
Having an e-mail address223:19, 1 November 2014
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Ejakulacija edit

Kephir, your bot reverted my edit. The language is Slovene not Serbo-Croatian and I also added a correct definition. Please revert the definition page to include my adds.


BigBearLovesPanda (talk)22:49, 26 January 2015

No, the entry is for Serbo-Croatian. If it also exists in Slovene then there should be a separate entry for that, you shouldn't just go around removing stuff.

CodeCat22:56, 26 January 2015

I'm not "just going around changing stuff" as you put it. The Slovene translation link sent me to the wrong page, which isn't immediately obvious in the Wiktionary Android App. Only after using a web browser is it obvious. I will create a Slovene page and I assume the translation link will then work.

BigBearLovesPanda (talk)00:40, 27 January 2015

I'm not "just going around changing stuff" as you put it. The Slovene translation link sent me to the wrong page, which isn't immediately obvious in the Wiktionary Android App. Only after using a web browser is it obvious. I will create a Slovene page and I assume the translation link will then work.

BigBearLovesPanda (talk)00:40, 27 January 2015

That was no bot, and you are on the way to being blocked for edit warring.

The definition was not in English, and you destroyed a valid language header. To add a definition in another language, add a new header.

Keφr22:58, 26 January 2015

hi-noun and ur-noun

Hey! Sorry, for the last revert. For some reason, the Urdu spelling in hi-noun didn't take the Urdu font specifications and it looked really odd and blocky. Now it looks better, however it's bolded and so is the Hindi spelling in Urdu entries. It makes it hard to read (we intentionally increased the size of Urdu and Hindi font specifications so that they are more legible, but making them bold makes both hard to read). Can you make the text regular and not bold?

Dijan (talk)09:05, 21 January 2015

This should do it.

Keφr17:22, 21 January 2015

That's not exactly what I had in mind and your edit only worked on Arabic language and Devanagari script. What I meant was that in the actual templates themselves, when the spelling in the other script is provided, it shouldn't be bolded when it is wikified. Otherwise, as a headword, it's fine to be bolded.

Dijan (talk)03:29, 22 January 2015

I do not get it. If emboldening hurts legibility, why allow it anywhere? And if it does not, why make an exception for script variants?

Keφr07:40, 22 January 2015

I'm sorry if I confused you. I think it was just my browser that's been acting funny the last few days.

Dijan (talk)20:35, 22 January 2015

Care to lend a hand?

Malaysiaboy (talk)10:58, 20 January 2015

Could you move back Kucing to kucing. Someone moved it and I don't know how xx --Malaysiaboy (talk) 01:18, 17 January 2015 (UTC)

Malaysiaboy (talk)01:18, 17 January 2015

Done. (I have also edited a few related entries which apparently mischaracterised relations between these variously spelled words.)

Keφr10:21, 17 January 2015

Thanks a lot for helping!

Malaysiaboy (talk)00:37, 18 January 2015

I don't want to go pointing fingers, but I think User:Type56op9 may be ban evading. The content looks near-identical, and SuperWonderbot started about where (and when) Type56 left off. As a more experienced user, and the one who banned Type56 in the first place, I'll defer judgement to you.

ObsequiousNewt (ἔβαζα|ἐτλέλεσα)19:26, 23 December 2014

Just fyi, this is Wonderfool, aka several hundred other aliases. At times he's a conscientious and prolific editor, at times a shoddy and irresponsible one, but he never should be taken at face value. He's been banned many, many times for very good reasons, but he's very persistent. At one point it was decided to tolerate him as long as he behaves, and block him when he doesn't.

Chuck Entz (talk)14:57, 24 December 2014

Well, per his admission, I've blocked him for a week. I hope this will give more experienced janitors the time to sort this out.

ObsequiousNewt (ἔβαζα|ἐτλέλεσα)23:03, 24 December 2014

Transliteration modules for some Indic and African languages


I wonder if you're willing to help with transliteration modules for a variety languages. Don't freak out, you don't need to learn any new script, you would need to work with the resulting romanisation. I'm almost sure this could be an easy task for you. Besides, you don't have to work on all modules, if you make one work, the logic can be copied to other modules, assuming the rules for dropping the inherent vowels are identical.

The help required is for removing inherent vowels "a" (Hindi, Gujarati, etc.), "ô" (Bengali, Oriya, etc.), "ə" (Amharic, Tigrinya, etc.), which is dropped in certain positions. All these languages are 99% phonetic, the only problem is, we need to drop the vowels (as per standard transliterations), e.g. देवनागरी (devnāgrī). Although it's spelled "devanāgarī", the inherent vowel "a" is dropped in certain positions. We can write test cases and describe some rules for you.

See one case in Module:hi-translit/testcases and a discussion in User_talk:DerekWinters#Bengali_transliteration_module.

Let me know if you're interested. Fixing this problem will cover a large number of scripts for languages with a large number of speakers! Isn't it exciting? If you say no, it's OK, I'll ask someone else. :)

There are other, less urgent issues, like displaying nasalazations, which is dependent on what follows the anusvara symbol. We have a temp solution, which may become a permanent one.

Anatoli T. (обсудить/вклад)23:54, 7 January 2015

It does look interesting, but I am not sure if I can afford the time. And right now I see no good way to approach it. If you could add some more material, please do. I will take a look… eventually.

Keφr21:07, 8 January 2015

Thanks, User:DerekWinters has described some scenarios for Hindi on his talk page but if you prefer to work with test cases, as in Module:hi-translit/testcases we can make them better. No rush, of course. Let me or DerekWinters know if you need any clarifications

Anatoli T. (обсудить/вклад)22:26, 8 January 2015

Schwa deletion in Indo-Aryan languages has some more info on schwa syncope, although the transliteration they use is not standard. Various dictionaries handle somewhat differently some corner cases but we can choose one approach.

Anatoli T. (обсудить/вклад)00:13, 9 January 2015

Not at this point. I need to know what the rules are, not what the exceptions are.

Keφr10:38, 9 January 2015

PB<s>& J</s>P89

While I certainly agree that PBP can be very annoying and full of... himself, I don't think your current way of responding is a good idea. It's bad enough to have him whining about trivialities- do you really want to give him verifiable harassment and even abuse for ammunition?

You have a lot in common with Equinox, who is also a tremendous asset to Wiktionary (the best ever with English-language entries, as far as I'm concerned), but is, like you, very thin-skinned in dealing with stupidity. He was so obsessive over Luciferwildcat that he ended up doing something really stupid and getting de-sysopped for a while.

LW, like Pass a Method, was a good illustration of the blind spot Wiktionary has in dealing with sincere incompetence- PBP can't hold a candle to him with respect to sheer stupidity and bad lexical judgment. I personally believe he only lasted as long as he did because of discomfort with the abuse he received from people like Dick Laurent early on. PBP is only mediocre as an editor (he's improved, some), but is the worst I've ever seen as far as w:Dunning-Kruger effect-fueled self-righteousness in discussions.

At any rate, your current course of action is likely to result in your being de-sysopped, and PBP still being around to crow about it- do you really want that?

Chuck Entz (talk)21:51, 27 December 2014

I think editing his signature and replacing it with unsigned is a best just plain stupid, at worst dishonest and an attempt to annoy him and other people. Why do you want to annoy the rest of us? It's not just you and him that read talk pages you know.

Renard Migrant (talk)16:56, 29 December 2014

It had no link to his user page, which you might have missed amongst the fancy mark-up. So it barely qualified as a signature at all. It was not me who blew this out of proportion. Though I kind of agree with what you both wrote.

My question for you: how much more of these shenanigans are you willing to tolerate? In a few months, PBP is going to find another excuse for a witch hunt. Are you going to just let him?

Keφr17:27, 29 December 2014

It's a lot easier dealing with someone crying wolf if you don't have someone standing there in a wolf costume making howling noises. We'll burn that bridge when we come to it...

Chuck Entz (talk)03:01, 30 December 2014

This is not an answer.

Keφr13:19, 30 December 2014

I think what Chuck is saying is that you've given me ample cause to be upset with you and demand that you hand over your tools

Purplebackpack8917:52, 3 January 2015

Regarding the first concern, I apologize for my unawareness about these politics. I'm new to Wiktionary and that means I need a better knowledge about the rules we use. As to the inappropriate usage of {{etyl|en|sh}}, I'll pay a closer attention next time. Thanks for the warnings -

Alumnum (talk)23:10, 1 January 2015

No problem. I am starting to think whether I should add a proverb entry for lurk moar… proverb or not, this is surely something worth following here.

Keφr00:03, 2 January 2015

Your habit of removing threats

Your habit of removing threats from your talk page is objectionable.

Dan Polansky (talk)10:59, 14 December 2014

I think removing threats from talk pages is perfectly fine.

Keφr11:02, 14 December 2014

Oops, threads.

Dan Polansky (talk)11:15, 14 December 2014

private contact

Is there some way I could contact you privately? I have a few questions for you, but I don’t feel comfortable displaying them in public. I’d e‐mail you, but I can’t.

Romanophile (talk)08:38, 22 December 2014

There is not. I have never cared enough to maintain one.

Keφr09:18, 22 December 2014

Your aWa script is very helpful in keeping the size of RFD &c. down, but when archiving old discussions, for example [1], it gives overlong commit messages, with the effect that we can only see whither the first four discussions are archived. Could you please find a solution for this?

ObsequiousNewt (ἔβαζα|ἐτλέλεσα)19:47, 16 December 2014

Which would be? If you know enough about programming to use "commit message" to refer to an edit summary, I think you can come up with a solution yourself.

Keφr19:53, 16 December 2014

Whoops, heh. Yeah, I meant edit summary. I asked because it was your script, but the solutions I see are either limiting the script to make only a certain number of archivings at once, or else leaving a link to the archived discussion on the RFD page. Do either of these sound acceptable?

ObsequiousNewt (ἔβαζα|ἐτλέλεσα)20:09, 16 December 2014

My script? Oh please. I seriously need to hand it over to someone else.

The latter would probably defeat the point of archiving (since you have to later edit these links out anyway).

The former would require either limiting the number of discussions the user can pick (which is inconvenient) or the saving part of the script to undergo a nontrivial re-write. Which it might be in need of anyway, so maybe.

Keφr20:33, 16 December 2014

IPA for words ending in -odporny

Can you check the IPA for words such as żaroodporny, idiotoodporny, etc. which I added recently? I think these can be pronounced either with a glottal stop between the double o's, or with a long vowel - I'm not sure how to represent the second possibility in IPA.

Tweenk (talk)05:20, 14 December 2014

They look fine to me. Though you might want to ask someone else.

I am not so sure -odoprny is a suffix in the first place, though.

Keφr12:02, 14 December 2014

Module:tagged but not listed

On December 9th, a software update is going to break Module:tagged but not listed (specifically, the part of it that uses unstrip to get a DPL result). Unless you manage to get mw:Extension:DynamicPageListEngine deployed, that module will probably become worthless.

Jackmcbarn (talk)16:11, 3 December 2014

RFDO comment

Re this, huh? What are you concerned about? Have I been doing something wrong?

 — I.S.M.E.T.A.20:36, 1 December 2014

Well, I was referring to that thread about WT:WANTED where I opined that you are not very good at prioritising requests.

On the other hand, I realise it might not have been very tactful to criticise you about a thing you already promised to address. Maybe I should have shut up and waited until there are actual results to comment on. Consider this a half-hearted apology.

Keφr21:01, 1 December 2014

No apology necessary, but thanks. :-) I just don't want to piss anyone off unnecessarily, and given that I "rate" you as an editor on here, I would particularly like not to piss you off.

 — I.S.M.E.T.A.21:10, 1 December 2014

Horemheb article

Why did you delete my Horemheb article there is on English Wiktionary Tutankhamon and Ramesses articles?

Xand2 (talk)11:09, 30 November 2014

I want you to spend some time reading Wiktionary:Entry layout explained. You were putting all the information in the wrong places, while we are quite strict about formatting here. Level-two headers are reserved for language names. English is not written in hieroglyphs, so the hieroglyphs do not belong under an English part-of-speech header. And so on. If you wish to raise objections or concerns about our entry layout, you may visit, say, the Information desk. Or Beer parlour.

Also, Wiktionary:About Egyptian may be of interest to you.

Also, there are no articles here. There are entries.

Keφr11:13, 30 November 2014

Etymology of words like from Latin and Greek are written in languages of origin for example fossil is Lat. fodere, fossus -to dig + il -of, related to, energy Gr. en -in + ergon -work, Gr. symbol sym, syn -together, with + ballein, ballo -to throw, edit Lat. e, ex -out, from + dare, datus -to give, avatar Sanskrit ava -down + tr, tara -to cross, cakra -wheel Sanskrit cr -to move + kr -to do.

I didnt't write articles just words, names and etymology, there is also here Tutankhamon entry and some gods like Ra which are names.

Xand2 (talk)11:23, 30 November 2014

I failed to understand what you wrote.

Keφr11:44, 30 November 2014

I wanted to say that it is OK to put languages of origin in etymology just look at this articles:

Xand2 (talk)11:48, 30 November 2014

Entries. Well, yes, of course. We usually use {{etyl}} for that (though practice varies).

Keφr12:00, 30 November 2014

Polish noun templates - tantum parameter

Would it be a lot of work to add a parameter called tantum to the existing Polish noun templates, taking s or p as its value, so that e.g. {{pl-decl-noun-ja|korupc|tantum=s}} would work just like {{pl-decl-noun-sing|korupcja|korupcji|korupcji|korupcję|korupcją|korupcji|korupcjo}}?

This would reduce the amount of work needed to add singular-only and plural-only words.

Tweenk (talk)19:52, 17 November 2014

I had the same idea for the longest time (except I named the argument |num=)… but I never really got around to implement it.

Anyway, it works now for {{pl-decl-noun-ja}}. If someone moves the rest of the specialised declension patterns into Module:pl-noun (and switches templates to use that module), they shall start supporting it too.

Keφr20:28, 17 November 2014

Seems to work, with the exception that [[category:Polish singularia tantum]] is not added.

Tweenk (talk)20:55, 17 November 2014


Keφr20:57, 17 November 2014

Regarding conversions: {{pl-decl-noun-nie}} should not be converted just yet. I need to check whether there are any remaining users of |num= first.

Keφr21:39, 17 November 2014

New edition with English definition

Hi, Please let me know whether my new edition is appropriate or not. Thanks.

Viethoc (talk)23:25, 16 November 2014

Passable, I would say… it would be nice to linkify the definition, though. I could complain that the definition is vague, but I guess Hanzi are just that way.

Keφr08:28, 17 November 2014

Redirecting templates

When you do things like this, make sure to fix double redirects.

WikiTiki8916:54, 10 November 2014

Thanks for doing that for me. :P

Keφr17:05, 10 November 2014

but the msg could seems quite generic since I imagine (I might make a mistake, of course) that, when the specific exception thrown on the validation against the schema is catched, a specific alert could be doc.written by the code in the catch block, couldn't it?

Ulisse0 (talk)18:12, 6 November 2014

There is no real "schema" or "exceptions", there is only Special:AbuseFilter/1. So what if "the msg could seems quite generic"? The filters are designed to rather fail to catch bad edits instead of giving false positives, so if you get a warning, there is probably a very good reason for that. If you cannot understand why you get an error, just ask.

And please keep discussions in one place.

Keφr18:53, 6 November 2014

Having an e-mail address

Hi. Thanks for being a voice of sanity around here, at least as far as I'm concerned. Why are you not mailable (Special:EmailUser/Kephir)? Wiktionary:Administrators#Notes suggests we have to do this, though I am not sure how often it matters to anyone.

Equinox 22:26, 1 November 2014

Good to know I am succeeding at something (in at least one person's eyes…)

I just never bothered to set up an address under this identity. Main problem being the choice of provider. I am not very enthusiastic about having a Google account, and I have used up most other viable alternatives already. It does bite me from time to time (like when I am unable to participate in Bugzilla), but not to the point of me doing anything about it.

Oh well. You need it for anything? The quasi-policy by itself does not bother me too much. (Is there any policy besides WT:ELE that we treat seriously here?)

Keφr23:15, 1 November 2014

Ah, not the reason I expected! I mainly find myself annoyed by systems that *don't* accept e-mail and require something else (e.g. Facebook or other proprietary non-standard system). If you're genuinely having trouble finding a free (throwaway or otherwise) mail account then you're welcome to have one on one of my domains; I've had some of them for about 15 years now, scarily enough, so they tend to stay around.

I don't need it for anything but I had considered sending you an e-mail :) Lucky escape.

Equinox 23:19, 1 November 2014
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