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From Old Norse brjóta, from Proto-Germanic *breutaną.


  • IPA(key): /bryːdə/, [ˈb̥ʁyːðə]


bryde (imperative bryd, infinitive at bryde, present tense bryder, past tense brød, past participle er/har brudt)

  1. break (to cause to end up in two or more pieces or to make an opening in something)
  2. break (to do that which is forbidden by a rule or rules)
  3. break (intransitive: tennis)
  4. (physics) refract (to cause a wave to change direction)
  5. interrupt
    • Han brød ind i samtalen.
      • He interrupted the conversation.
  6. like
    • Jeg bryder mig ikke om ham.
      • I do not like him.
  7. care
    • Jeg bryder mig ikke om hvad de siger.
      • I do not care for what they say.