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receive +‎ -er


receiver (plural receivers)

  1. A person who or thing that receives or is intended to receive something.
    1. A trustee appointed to hold and administer property involved in litigation.
    2. A person appointed to settle the affairs of an insolvent entity.
    3. A person who accepts stolen goods.
    4. Any of several electronic devices that receive signals and convert them into sound or vision.
      1. A telephone handset.
    5. (American football) An offensive player who catches the ball after it has been passed.
    6. (tennis) A person who attempts to return the ball after it has been served.
    7. An element of a mechanical or other system or device designed to accept another element.
      1. (firearms) The part of a firearm containing the action.
      2. A vessel for receiving the exhaust steam from the high-pressure cylinder before it enters the low-pressure cylinder, in a compound steam engine.
      3. A capacious vessel for receiving steam from a distant boiler, and supplying it dry to an engine.

Derived terms[edit]


  • recipient (more formal, usually referring to one who receives such things as an award or medal)


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