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From gatavs (ready) +‎ -ība.




gatavība f (4th declension)

  1. readiness (the state of that which is ready)
    noteikt siera gatavību — to determine the readiness of the cheese (= how ready it is)
    gaļas gatavību pārbauda padurstot to ar naža galu — the readiness of the meat can be checked by piercing it with the tip of a knife
    dzejas augsto formas gatavību pasvītrojuši daudzi kritiķi — many critics have stressed the high readiness of form (= high level of development) of (this kind of) poetry
  2. readiness (the state of being ready to do something, to be used in some way)
    kaujas gatavība — combat readiness
    gatavības apliecība readiness certificate (school certificate)
    būt braukšanas gatavībā — to be ready to (lit. in readiness of) travel
    turēt ieročus šaušanas gatavībā — to keep (one's) weapons ready for (lit. in readiness of) shooting
  3. (of fruits, seeds) ripeness (the state of that which is ripe)
    augļu gatavība — fruit ripeness, maturity
    graudaugu gatavības pakāpes — the degrees of ripeness, maturity of cereal
    noteikt sēklu gatavību — to determine the (degree of) ripeness, maturity of the seeds


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