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From lego ("to read", "to gather").



present active lēctitō, present infinitive lēctitāre, perfect active lēctitāvī, supine lēctitātum

  1. I often gather or collect eagerly
    Conchulas et calculos in litore lectitasse.
    To have often gathered small shellfishes and pebbles at the shore.
    Lectito flores.
    I often gather flowers.
  2. I read often, eagerly or attention, to peruse
    Auctores quos nunc lectito.
    Writers whom I read often now.
    Libros non legendos sed lectitandos.
    Books must not be read but read eagerly.
    Lectitavisse Platonem studiose.
    To have often read Plato zealously.
    Libros exuri jussit, conquisitos lectitatosque.
    He has ordered for the selected and much read books to be destroyed.


Related terms[edit]