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From Japanese メカ (meka), from an abbreviation of the English mechanical.



mecha (plural mechas or mecha)

  1. (anime, manga) A large armoured robot on legs, typically controlled by a pilot seated inside.
    • 1997, Helen McCarthy, The anime movie guide
      Having deprived her of both her mecha and her lover, Masato looks set for a nasty end, but Miku arrives to save him.
    • 2002, Christopher Hart, Anime mania: how to draw characters for Japanese animation
      A transformation occurs when a mecha character, vehicle, or weapon unfolds and reassembles itself in a totally new form.
    • 2006, Dani Cavallaro, The animé art of Hayao Miyazaki
      Porco Rosso evinces a deep fascination with mechanical objects of all sorts but it is by no means a mecha movie...
    • 2007, Frenchy Lunning, Mechademia 2: Networks of Desire
      Each week the good guys fight the bad guys and vanquish them in a mecha battle, only to have the bad guys reappear intact the following week.
    • 2007, Robin E. Brenner, Understanding manga and anime (page 170)
      [] to be a “lifter”—to pilot a mecha that can also transform into an air board []
    • 2011, Kensuke Okabayashi, Manga For Dummies (page 275)
      In this section, I show you mechas that are large enough to be piloted by humans from the inside. Although most of them are designed for combat, some function as transportation or construction mechas.





Perhaps from French mèche.


mecha f (plural mechas)

  1. wick, fuse
  2. lock (length of hair)


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