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  1. to see oneself, to see each other; reflexive form of redzēt
  2. to see each other, to meet
    draugi sen nav redzējušies — the friends haven't seen each other for a while
    vairāk nekā pusgadu nebijām redzējušies — we haven't seen each other for over half a year
    mēs taču vēl redzēsimies pirms manas aizbraukšanas? — but we'll still see each other before I leave?
    viņi redzējās pēdējo reizi — they saw each other for the last time
  3. (rare) to be, become visible
    caur miglu vien kā sapnis tu man redzies — through the fog, as if in a dream, you are visible to me (= I can see you)
    tur, pie paša celma, redzas sausa vietiņa — there, by the (tree) stump, a little dry place is visible


Related terms[edit]