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ruveta (intransitive)

  1. To begin or start to do something.
    Rupeaa satamaan.
    It's beginning to rain.
    Milloin ruvetaan tositoimiin?
    When do we start the real action?
  2. To take up (to begin doing an activity on a regular basis).
    Olen ruvennut ompelemaan.
    I've taken up knitting.
  3. To become or wish to become something in the future.
    Rupean lääkäriksi.
    I will become a doctor.
    Hän aikoo ruveta tanssijaksi.
    He plans to become a dancer.


Usage notes[edit]

In the sense "to begin" or "to take up", ruveta is usually followed by the active third infinitive form of a verb in illative or, more rarely, with illative form of a noun that is closely related to an activity, such as työ (work). In the sense "to become something" that, to which one becomes, is in translative.