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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Portuguese sennor, from Latin seniōrem, accusative of senior (older), comparative of senex (old), from Proto-Indo-European *sénos (old).



senhor m (plural senhores, feminine senhora, feminine plural senhoras)

  1. mister (title conferred to an adult male)
    Dei o livro ao senhor João.
    I gave the book to mister John.
  2. sir (address to any male)
    Não irei, senhor.
    I won’t go, sir.
  3. (military) sir (address to a military superior)
    Sim, senhor!
    Yes sir!
  4. an old man
    O cinema estava cheio de senhores.
    The film theatre was full of old men.
  5. an unspecified male
    Um senhor está a sua procura.
    Some guy is looking for you.
  6. (historical) feudal lord
    O senhor ordenou a construção de uma fossa.
    The lord ordered the construction of a moat.
  7. master (owner of a slave)
    Escravos devem obedecer seus senhores.
    Slaves must obey their masters.
  8. (honorific) Sir (title given to a knight)


Derived terms[edit]

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