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1707, alteration of an earlier phrase represented by Middle English biche-sone (son of a bitch, literally bitch's son), Old Norse bikkju-sonr (son of a bitch).


son of a bitch (plural sons of bitches)

  1. (pejorative, slang) An objectionable person.
    • 1703, Thomas Brown, Letters from the living to the living, relating to the present transactions both Publick and Private, page 105:
      [] Count Davia, like a Son of a Bitch as he is, Chop'd upon mine and the Duke of Mantuu's Equipage, and rubb'd off with our Plate, Jewels, and other Knicknacks of Inestimable Value.
    “My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son of a bitch.” — attributed to various people, such as Jack Nicholson and Richard Jeni
  2. (pejorative, slang) Any objectionable thing.
    "This son of a bitch won’t move!" Marty exclaimed as he grappled with the supermarket cart.




son of a bitch

  1. (slang) Used to express anger, contempt, disappointment, etc.cs:son of a bitch

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