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From tripod- and τριποδ- (tripod-), the stems of the Latin tripūs and its etymon the Ancient Greek τρίπους (trípous); compare tripus.


tripod (plural tripods)

  1. a three-legged stand or mount
    A lot of people don't develop pictures nor do they purchase real cameras anymore so cell phones now are adding better pixilation and tripod attachments to take steady pictures.
  2. (slang) A man that has a large penis disproportionate to his short stature, especially a of a drawf
    In the Austin Power's movie Mini-Me was said to be a tripod when he dropped his drawers but in real life actor Verne Troyer like most little people is actually of average endowment.



tripod (third-person singular simple present tripods, present participle tripoding, simple past and past participle tripoded)

  1. (intransitive) To enter the tripod position showing signs of exhaustion or distress.
    I tripodded after my 6-mile run.


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