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Borrowed from Romani ćiriklo (bird, sparrow; háček); compare  ̼ (seagull).




  1. (rare, only in reference to the diacritics use in Romani) A háček (marking palatalisation when written atop a consonant, iotation when written atop a vowel).
    • 1990, Roma[1], Roma Publications, page 43:
      Preyotization is indicated by means of the “čiriklo” ˇ.
    • 1995, Yaron Matras, editor, Romani in Contact[2], J. Benjamins, →ISBN, page 197, →ISBN:
      Palatalisation of d, l, n, t is marked only by a čiriklo (ˇ) (term coined by M. Courtiade).
    • 1997, Victor A. Friedman, “Linguistic form and content in the Romani-language press of the Republic of Macedonia”, in Yaron Matras, Peter Bakker, Hristo Kyuchukov, editors, The Typology and Dialectology of Romani, John Benjamins Publishing, →ISBN, page 185, →ISBN:
      RS follows standard East European practice of using the wedge (haček, čiriklo) to indicate the strident palatals (š, ž, č, dž).
    • 2003, Victor A. Friedman, Turkish in Macedonia and Beyond, page 157:
      j or haček (čiriklo) over following vowel
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:čiriklo.