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A 19th-century neologism, derived from īstens ‎(real) +‎ -ība and first mentioned in K. Valdemārs' 1872 German-Russian-Latvian dictionary.[1]


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īstenība f (4th declension)

  1. reality (the existing world; that which actually exists)
    objektīvā īstenība — objective reality
    dzīves īstenība — life, living reality
    literatūras kā īstenības atspoguļotāja — literature as a reflection of reality
    atgriezties īstenībā — to come back to reality (i.e., to stop dreaming)
    īstenības izteiksmeindicative (lit. reality) mood (in verb conjugations)
  2. (in the locative, used adverbially) in reality, in fact, actually, really
    Dāvis īstenībā jau bija liels puisis — Dāvis was in fact already a big guy
    varbūt pat neatzinis, kas īstenībā padarīts — maybe he himself didn't recognize what had really been done



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