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Vācu ķeizers Kārlis V Habsburgs (1519-1556)


A borrowing from Old High German keisar ‎(emperor), itself a borrowing from Latin Caesar.


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ķeizars m (1st declension, feminine form: ķeizariene)

  1. emperor (the monarch of an empire; the title of this monarch), especially the German or Austrian kaiser
    ķeizara galms‎ ― the imperial court
    ķeizara armija‎ ― the imperial army
    kronēt par ķeizaru‎ ― to crown as emperor
    būt kungam un ķeizaram‎ ― to be lord and emperor (i.e., to be the absolute chief)
    vācu ķeizeram Kārlim V bijuši vairāki desmiti kroņu, cits par citu skaistāks‎ ― the German emperor Charles V had several dozen (lit. tens) crowns, each more beautiful than the other



Derived terms[edit]