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(Ulaanbaatar) IPA(key): /aɮtəx/, [aɮtɐχ]


алдах (aldah) (Mongolian spelling ᠠᠯᠳᠠᠬᠤ (aldaqu), causative алдуулах, passive алдагдах)

  1. to lose (a thing, an ability, a quality...)
  2. to drop, to let go, to throw
  3. to make a mistake, to err
  4. to miss (an opportunity, a meeting, a deadline)
  5. to deviate, to digress, to wander off
  6. to suddenly let out (a sound, sweat, tears...)
  7. (after verb in ()) to lose oneself doing
  8. (after verb in (-n) or -аад (-aad)) to almost do, to be about to do
  9. (after verb in -хаа (-haa)) to be unable, to barely do

Derived terms[edit]