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ка́к-нибудь (kák-nibudʹ)

N.B. — the particle -нибудь imparts a sense of indefiniteness similar to English any. The form как-нибудь is often associated with questions or negatives (like anyhow), while как-то is associated with affirmatives (like somehow).
  1. (indefinite pronoun) somehow, somehow or other, anyhow
    Я ка́к-нибу́дь спра́влюсьJa kák-nibúdʹ správljusʹI’ll make out somehow (or other).
  2. (indefinite adverb) sometime
    Зайди́те ко мне ка́к-нибу́дь!Zajdíte ko mne kák-nibúdʹ!Drop in and see me sometime!

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