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From Proto-Slavic *koliko.


  • IPA(key): /kolǐko/
  • Hyphenation: ко‧ли‧ко


колѝко (Latin spelling kolìko)

  1. (interrogatively) how much, how many
    колико имаш година? — how old are you?
    колико имаш јабука? — how many apples do you have?
    колико је сати? — what time is it?
    колико пута? — how many times?
    колико дуго? — (for) how long?
  2. as much as, as many as, as
    купи онолико играчака колико је дјеце — buy as many toys as there are children
    она је скоро интелигентна колико и ја — she is almost as intelligent as I am
  3. (ма̏ + ~, ~ + год) no matter how much
    колико год му даш, никад му није доста — no matter how much you give him, it's never enough for him