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сло́вно (slóvno)

  1. like, as if
    Дере́вья кре́пкие, сло́вно сама́ны затверде́ли под горя́чей со́лнцем.
    Derévʹja krépkije, slóvno samány zatverdéli pod gorjáčej sólncem.
    The trees are sturdy, like adobe bricks hardened under the hot sun.
  2. as it were
    Не́бо бы́ло бело́/бе́ло, сло́вно в пурге́.
    Nébo býlo beló/bélo, slóvno v purgé.
    The sky was white, as it were in a snowstorm.


сло́вно (slóvno)

  1. it seems (that), it looks like (for expressing conditional, imaginary, or apparent things or action)
    Мне сло́вно я ви́дел единоро́га, кото́рый лета́л на не́бе.
    Mne slóvno ja vídel jedinoróga, kotóryj letál na nébe.
    It looks like to me that I'm seeing a unicorn that is flying in the sky.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The meaning of бы (by) is already implied. Hence сло́вно бы (slóvno by) is the same as словно.
  • Due to the invisible бы (by) in the conjunction and particle словно, the finite verb in either of the usages must have a finite verb that is a past tense.


Related terms[edit]