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това (tován (demonstrative)

  1. neuter singular of този (tozi); this, that
    Това вино идва от Франция. - This wine comes from France.
    Как върви това дете в училище? - How is this child getting on at school?
  2. Used to refer to a particular person or thing; this, that, it
    Това е сестра ми. - This is my siter.
    Какво е това? - What's this/that?
    Това е твърде скъпо. - It's too expensive.
    Това е монумент на всички, паднали в Първата Световна Война. - This is a monument to all those who fell in the First World War.
  3. Used to refer to somebody or something that has already been mentioned, or is already known about; that, this
    Това е всичко за сега. - That's all for now.
    Като каза това, той си отиде. - After he said that, he went away.
    Само това ли искаше да ми кажеш? - Is that all you wanted to tell me?
  4. Used to refer to an immediately following adjectival clause; not translated.
    Това, че той не я харесва, в случая не е важно. - The fact that he doesn't like her is not important at the moment.
    После съжаляваше за това, което беше казала. - Afterwards she was sorry for what she’d said.
    Учените не са на едно мнение за това, как е била създадена вселената - Scientists disagree about how the universe was created.
    От това, как работиш, ще зависи и заплатата ти. - Your salary will depend on how you work.
    Зависи от това, дали... - It depends on whether...
    Не се изключва това, да останем в града. - Our staying in the city has not been ruled out.
    Неочаквано беше това, да заминем за Пловдив. - Our departure for Plovdiv was unexpected.

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