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таз ‎(tazf ‎(demonstrative)

  1. (regional, nonstandard or poetic) Alternative form of тази ‎(tazi) (the feminine singular of този ‎(tozi)); this, this one, that, that one, the one, she
    Каква е таз книга?
    Kakva e taz kniga?
    What is this book?

Usage notes[edit]

Таз and the other shortened demonstrative pronouns (тоз, туй, тез, оназ, онуй, онез) are used in the Eastern Bulgarian dialects and are not considered standard. They can also be found in poetry (see quotations) where the number of syllables is important and these pronouns are one syllable shorter than their corresponding standard forms.


  • 1873, Hristo Botev, “Hadzhi Dimitar”, Nezavisimost (newspaper):
    Грей и ти, слънце, / в таз робска земя!
    Grej i ti, slǎnce, / v taz robska zemja!
    And you, sun - / Shine on that slavish land!
  • 1867, Hristo Botev, “To My Mother”, Gayda (newspaper):
    [] та туй сърце младо, таз душа страдна / да се оплачат тебе горкана...
    ta tuj sǎrce mlado, taz duša stradna / da se oplačat tebe gorkana...
    "So this young heart, this suffering soul / Might seek your solace, poor wretch..."

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Etymology 1[edit]

From Old East Slavic тазъ ‎(tazŭ), a Turkic borrowing. Compare Crimean Tatar tas, Turkish tas, Tatar тас ‎(tas), etc. Ultimately from Persian تاس ‎(tâs).


таз ‎(tazm inan ‎(nominative plural тазы́)

  1. basin
  2. (anatomy) pelvis


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Etymology 2[edit]

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таз ‎(tazm anim ‎(nominative plural та́зы)

  1. person of Taz people.