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From Old Turkic toj (feast, banquet).

Cognate with Kazakh той (toy), Uzbek to'y, Crimean Tatar, Azeri, Turkish toy, Turkmen toý, etc.


  • IPA(key): [ˈtuj]
  • Hyphenation: туй (one syllable)


туй (tuy)

  1. wedding, marriage ceremony
    Туй күлдәге.
    Tuy küldäge.
    Wedding dress.
  2. feast, banquet





туй (tujn (demonstrative)

  1. (regional, nonstandard or poetic) alternative form of това (tova) (the neuter singular of този (tozi)); this, this one, that, that one, the one, it
    Туй вино идва от Франция.
    Tuj vino idva ot Francija.
    This wine comes from France.
    Какво е туй?
    Kakvo e tuj?
    What's this/that?
    После съжаляваше за туй, което беше казала.
    Posle sǎžaljavaše za tuj, koeto beše kazala.
    Afterwards she was sorry for what she’d said.

Usage notes[edit]

Туй and the other shortened demonstrative pronouns (тоз, таз, тез, оназ, онуй, онез) are used in the Eastern Bulgarian dialects and are not considered standard. They can also be found in poetry (see quotations) where the number of syllables is important and these pronouns are one syllable shorter than their corresponding standard forms.


  • 1867, Hristo Botev, “To My Mother”, Gayda (newspaper):
    [] та туй сърце младо, таз душа страдна / да се оплачат тебе горкана...
    ta tuj sǎrce mlado, taz duša stradna / da se oplačat tebe gorkana...
    "So this young heart, this suffering soul / Might seek your solace, poor wretch..."

Related terms[edit]