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този (tózim (demonstrative)

  1. Used in indicating something or someone nearby; this, that, this one, that one
    Познаваш ли този човек?
    Poznavaš li tozi čovek?
    Do you know this man?
    Кой искаш? Този или онзи?
    Koj iskaš? Tozi ili onzi?
    Which do you want? This one or that one?
    Позлвайте този нож, за да нарежете хляба.
    Pozlvajte tozi nož, za da narežete hljaba.
    Use this knife to slice the bread.
    Този влак ходи до Чикаго.
    Tozi vlak hodi do Čikago.
    This train goes to Chicago.
  2. Used in indicating something or someone just mentioned or already known about; this, this one, that, that one, the one
    Ако участваш в този филм, ще загубиш от популярността си.
    Ako učastvaš v tozi film, šte zagubiš ot populjarnostta si.
    If you play in that film, you'll lose some of your popularity.
    Този материал все още не сме го вземали.
    Tozi material vse ošte ne sme go vzemali.
    We haven't studied that material yet.
    Той е този, на когото дадох парите.
    Toj e tozi, na kogoto dadoh parite.
    He is the one I gave the money to.
  3. Used to indicate the speaker's attitude (surprise, admiration, disregard and so on) towards someone or something.
    Много е умен този Петър.
    Mnogo e umen tozi Petǎr.
    He’s very clever, Peter is.
    Какво иска този?
    Kakvo iska tozi?
    What does he want?/What's his problem?
  4. Used to refer to a person or thing that fits a certain description, or to a group in general; he
    Този, който се смее последен, се смее най-добре.
    Tozi, kojto se smee posleden, se smee naj-dobre.
    He who laughs last laughs best.
    Този, който не работи, не трябва да яде.
    Tozi, kojto ne raboti, ne trjabva da jade.
    He who does not work, should not eat.

Related terms[edit]