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Classical Syriac[edit]

Etymology 1[edit]

From the root ܟ-ܘ-ܠ (k-w-l) related to measuring; compare Arabic كَيْل (kayl). The sense of "paradigm" is a calque of Arabic وَزْن (wazn).


  • IPA(key): [kajlɑ(ʔ)] (singular)
  • IPA(key): [kajle(ʔ)] (plural)


ܟܝܠܐ (transliteration neededm (plural ܟܝܠܐ)

  1. kind of measure used for wine, oil, grain, etc.
  2. (figuratively) amount, quantity
  3. (poetry, prosody) metre
  4. (grammar) paradigm, inflectional pattern or form

Proper noun[edit]

ܟܝܠܐ (transliteration needed)

  1. (astronomy) name of a star

Etymology 2[edit]

Modified from above. Compare Arabic كَيَّال (kayyāl).


  • IPA(key): [kajjɑlɑ(ʔ)] (singular)
  • IPA(key): [kajjɑle(ʔ)] (plural)


ܟܝܠܐ (transliteration neededm (plural ܟܝܠܐ)

  1. measurer, weigher


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