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Classical Syriac[edit]


From the root ܛ-ܠ-ܠ (ṭ-l-l) related to shading. Compare Arabic مِظَلَّة (miẓalla(t)) and Hebrew מְצִילָּה (məṣîllâ). The sense of "Sukkot" is a calque of Hebrew סֻכּוֹת (Sukkôṯ).


  • IPA(key): [m(ə)tˁall(ə)θɑ(ʔ)]


ܡܛܠܬܐ (transliteration neededf (plural ܡܛܐܠܠܐ or ܡܛܐܠܐ or ܡܛܠܠܐ or ܡܛܠܐ)

  1. booth, hut, shed, tent, tabernacle, sukkah
  2. (Judaism, in the plural) Sukkot



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