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धी (dhīf

  1. thought, (especially) religious thought,
  2. reflection, meditation, devotion, prayer (pl. Holy Thoughts personified)
  3. understanding, intelligence, wisdom (personified as the wife of Rudra-Manyu), knowledge, science, art
  4. mind, disposition, intention, design
  5. notion, opinion


Feminine ī-stem declension of धी
Nom. sg. धीः (dhīḥ)
Gen. sg. धियाः / धियः (dhiyāḥ / dhiyaḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative धीः (dhīḥ) धियौ (dhiyau) धियः (dhiyaḥ)
Vocative धीः (dhīḥ) धियौ (dhiyau) धियः (dhiyaḥ)
Accusative धियम् (dhiyam) धियौ (dhiyau) ध्यः (dhyaḥ)
Instrumental धिया (dhiyā) धीभ्याम् (dhībhyām) धीभिः (dhībhiḥ)
Dative धियै / धिये (dhiyai / dhiye) धीभ्याम् (dhībhyām) धीभ्यः (dhībhyaḥ)
Ablative धियाः / धियः (dhiyāḥ / dhiyaḥ) धीभ्याम् (dhībhyām) धीभ्यः (dhībhyaḥ)
Genitive धियाः / धियः (dhiyāḥ / dhiyaḥ) धियोः (dhiyoḥ) धीनाम् / धियाम् (dhīnām / dhiyām)
Locative धियि / धियाम् (dhiyi / dhiyām) धियोः (dhiyoḥ) धीषु (dhīṣu)

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