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Borrowed from Sanskrit प्रति (prati), from Proto-Indo-European *próti, *préti


प्रति (pratif

  1. copy
    मुझे इस पत्रिका की प्रति चाहिए।
    mujhe is patrikā kī prati cāhie.
    I would like a copy of this journal.


Declension of प्रति
Singular Plural
Direct प्रति (prati) प्रतियाँ (pratiyā̃)
Oblique प्रति (prati) प्रतियों (pratiyõ)
Vocative प्रति (prati) प्रतियो (pratiyo)


प्रति (prati)

  1. towards


प्रति (prati)

  1. per
    सोने का दाम चढ़कर ३०,७८० रुपये प्रति १० ग्राम हो गया है।
    sone kā dām caṛhkar 30,780 rupye prati 10 grām ho gayā hai.
    The price of gold has climbed to 30,780 rupees per 10 grams.



From Proto-Indo-European *próti, *préti. Cognates include Ancient Greek πρός (prós), Latin pretium, and Old Church Slavonic противъ (protivŭ).


प्रति (práti)

  1. (as a prefix to roots and their derivative nouns and other nouns, sometimes प्रती; for 2. » p.664) towards, near to, against, in opposition to, back, again, in return, down upon, upon, on
  2. before nouns it expresses also likeness or comparison (compare प्रति-चन्द्र) or it forms अव्ययीभावs of different kinds (compare प्रति-क्षणम्, प्रति-ग्रहम्, प्रत्य्-अग्नि, etc.; rarely ifc. e.g. सूपप्रति, a little broth Pāṇ. 2-1, 9) or as a prep. with usually preceding acc., in the sense of towards, against, to, upon, in the direction of (e.g. शब्दम् प्°, in the direction of the sound R.; अग्निम् प्र्°, against the fire Mn.; also °त्य्-अग्नि ind. Pāṇ. 6-2, 33 Sch.; रिपुम् प्र्°, against the enemy Mn.; आत्मानम् प्र्°, to one's self Ratnâv.)
  3. opposite, before, in the presence of (e.g. रोदसी प्र्°, before heaven and earth RV.)
  4. in comparison, on a par with, in proportion to (e.g. इन्द्रम् प्र्°, in comparison with little RV. ; सहस्राणि प्र्°, on a par with i.e. equivalent to thousands ib.; also with abl. or -तस्; compare Pāṇ. 1-4, 92; ii, 3, 11)
  5. in the vicinity of, near, beside, at, on (e.g. यूपम् प्र्°, near the sacrificial post AitBr.; गङ्गाम् प्र्°, at or on the Ganges River; एतत् प्र्°, at this point TS.; आयोधनम् प्र्°, on the field of battle MBh.)
  6. at the time of, about, through, for (e.g. फाल्गुनम् प्र्°, about the month फाल्गुन Mn.; चिरम् प्र्°, for a long time MBh.; भृशम् प्र्°, often, repeatedly Car.) or used distributively (compare Pāṇ. 1-4, 90) to express at every, in or on every, severally (e.g. यज्ञम् प्र्°, at every sacrifice Yājñ.; यज्ञं यज्ञम् प्र्° TS.; वर्षम् प्र्°, every year, annually Pañcat.; in this sense often comp.; compare above)
  7. in favour of, for (Pāṇ. 1-4, 90; e.g. पाण्डवान् प्र्°, in favour of the पाण्डवs. MBh.)
  8. on account of, with regard to, concerning (Pāṇ. ib. e.g. सीमाम् प्र्°, concerning a boundary Mn.; गौतमम् प्र्°, with regard to Ganges River)
  9. conformably or according to (e.g. माम् प्र्°, according to me, i.e. in my opinion Mālav.; compare माम् प्रत्य् अरण्यवत् प्रतिभाति, ‘it seems to me like a forest’ Hit.; न बुभुक्षितम् प्रति भाति किं चित्, ‘to a hungry man nothing is of any account’ Kāṡ. on Pāṇ. 2-3, 2)
  10. as, for (after a verb meaning, ‘to regard or consider’; compare Vikr. iv, 69) or as prep. with abl. in return or as compensation for, instead or in the place of (Pāṇ. 1-4, 92 Sch.)