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Borrowing from Sanskrit प्रति(prati), from Proto-Indo-European *próti, *préti


प्रति ‎(pratif

  1. copy
    मुझे इस पत्रिका की प्रति चाहिए।
    mujhe is patrikā kī prati cāhie.
    I would like a copy of this journal.


Declension of प्रति
singular plural
direct प्रति(prati) प्रतियाँ(pratiyā̃)
oblique प्रति(prati) प्रतियों(pratiyõ)
vocative प्रति(prati) प्रतियो(pratiyo)


प्रति ‎(prati)

  1. towards


प्रति ‎(prati)

  1. per



From Proto-Indo-European *próti, *préti. Cognates include Ancient Greek πρός(prós), Latin pretium, and Old Church Slavonic противъ(protivŭ).


प्रति ‎(prati)

  1. (as a prefix to roots and their derivative nouns and other nouns, sometimes प्रती; for 2. » p.664) towards, near to, against, in opposition to, back, again, in return, down upon, upon, on
  2. before nouns it expresses also likeness or comparison (compare प्रति-चन्द्र) or it forms अव्ययीभावs of different kinds (compare प्रति-क्षणम्, प्रति-ग्रहम्, प्रत्य्-अग्नि, etc.; rarely ifc. e.g. सूपप्रति, a little broth Pāṇ. 2-1, 9) or as a prep. with usually preceding acc., in the sense of towards, against, to, upon, in the direction of (e.g. शब्दम् प्°, in the direction of the sound R.; अग्निम् प्र्°, against the fire Mn.; also °त्य्-अग्नि ind. Pāṇ. 6-2, 33 Sch.; रिपुम् प्र्°, against the enemy Mn.; आत्मानम् प्र्°, to one's self Ratnâv.)
  3. opposite, before, in the presence of (e.g. रोदसी प्र्°, before heaven and earth RV.)
  4. in comparison, on a par with, in proportion to (e.g. इन्द्रम् प्र्°, in comparison with little RV. ; सहस्राणि प्र्°, on a par with i.e. equivalent to thousands ib.; also with abl. or -तस्; compare Pāṇ. 1-4, 92; ii, 3, 11)
  5. in the vicinity of, near, beside, at, on (e.g. यूपम् प्र्°, near the sacrificial post AitBr.; गङ्गाम् प्र्°, at or on the Ganges River; एतत् प्र्°, at this point TS.; आयोधनम् प्र्°, on the field of battle MBh.)
  6. at the time of, about, through, for (e.g. फाल्गुनम् प्र्°, about the month फाल्गुन Mn.; चिरम् प्र्°, for a long time MBh.; भृशम् प्र्°, often, repeatedly Car.) or used distributively (compare Pāṇ. 1-4, 90) to express at every, in or on every, severally (e.g. यज्ञम् प्र्°, at every sacrifice Yājñ.; यज्ञं यज्ञम् प्र्° TS.; वर्षम् प्र्°, every year, annually Pañcat.; in this sense often comp.; compare above)
  7. in favour of, for (Pāṇ. 1-4, 90; e.g. पाण्डवान् प्र्°, in favour of the पाण्डवs. MBh.)
  8. on account of, with regard to, concerning (Pāṇ. ib. e.g. सीमाम् प्र्°, concerning a boundary Mn.; गौतमम् प्र्°, with regard to Ganges River)
  9. conformably or according to (e.g. माम् प्र्°, according to me, i.e. in my opinion Mālav.; compare माम् प्रत्य् अरण्यवत् प्रतिभाति, ‘it seems to me like a forest’ Hit.; न बुभुक्षितम् प्रति भाति किं चित्, ‘to a hungry man nothing is of any account’ Kāṡ. on Pāṇ. 2-3, 2)
  10. as, for (after a verb meaning, ‘to regard or consider’; compare Vikr. iv, 69) or as prep. with abl. in return or as compensation for, instead or in the place of (Pāṇ. 1-4, 92 Sch.)


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