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From Proto-Indo-European *yuHs- (soup, broth). Cognate with Latin iūs (gravy, broth, sauce), Russian уха (uxa, fish soup), Proto-Germanic *justaz (cheese) (Old Norse ostr). Also compare Finnish juusto, a borrowing from Germanic.


  • (Vedic) IPA(key): /juː.ʂɐ/
  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈjuː.ʂɐ/
  • Noun[edit]

    यूष (yūṣam

    1. soup, broth
    2. water in which different pulses have been boiled


    Masculine a-stem declension of यूष
    Nom. sg. यूषः (yūṣaḥ)
    Gen. sg. यूषस्य (yūṣasya)
    Singular Dual Plural
    Nominative यूषः (yūṣaḥ) यूषौ (yūṣau) यूषाः (yūṣāḥ)
    Vocative यूष (yūṣa) यूषौ (yūṣau) यूषाः (yūṣāḥ)
    Accusative यूषम् (yūṣam) यूषौ (yūṣau) यूषान् (yūṣān)
    Instrumental यूषेन (yūṣena) यूषाभ्याम् (yūṣābhyām) यूषैः (yūṣaiḥ)
    Dative यूषाय (yūṣāya) यूषाभ्याम् (yūṣābhyām) यूषेभ्यः (yūṣebhyaḥ)
    Ablative यूषात् (yūṣāt) यूषाभ्याम् (yūṣābhyām) यूषेभ्यः (yūṣebhyaḥ)
    Genitive यूषस्य (yūṣasya) यूषयोः (yūṣayoḥ) यूषानाम् (yūṣānām)
    Locative यूषे (yūṣe) यूषयोः (yūṣayoḥ) यूषेषु (yūṣeṣu)


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