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-ев ‎(-jev)

  1. 's. (possessive suffix)
  2. -son, -s. (suffix used in many last names)
  3. s’, of (genitive plural ending for some masculine nouns).



  singular plural
masculine feminine neuter
nominative case -ев -ева -ево -евы
genitive case -ева -евой -ева -евых
dative case -еву -евой -еву -евым
accusative case -ева -еву -ево -евых
instrumental case -евым -евой -евом -евыми
prepositional case о/об -еве о/об -евой о/об -евом о/об -евых
  • Note: neuter is used only for place names; the word stress in
   place names may differ from that of surnames of the same root.
  • Neuter place names ending in -ово, -ёво, -ево, -ино may also be indeclinable.
  • Masculine place names ending in -ов, -ев, -ин, -ын have the accusative like the nominative.

Related terms[edit]