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Alternative forms[edit]



-енький (-enʹkij)

  1. Suffix used to form diminutive adjectives from other adjectives. Often the diminutive meaning is lost, or an intensifying meaning is imparted.
    ми́лый (mílyj, dear, sweet) + ‎-енький (-enʹkij) → ‎ми́ленький (mílenʹkij, sweet little)
    ма́лый (mályj, small) + ‎-енький (-enʹkij) → ‎ма́ленький (málenʹkij, small)
    но́вый (nóvyj, new) + ‎-енький (-enʹkij) → ‎но́венький (nóvenʹkij, brand new)
    молодо́й (molodój, young) + ‎-енький (-enʹkij) → ‎моло́денький (molódenʹkij, very young)

Usage notes[edit]

  • The stress is drawn onto the syllable preceding the suffix.
  • This suffix is not used after roots ending in г, к, х, where -онький (-onʹkij) is used instead.


Derived terms[edit]