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Perhaps derived from -er, with influence from the Latinate -or. Spelling due to leet.



  1. (Internet slang, leetspeak, nonstandard) General-purpose suffix for purposes of "leet" respelling, sometimes replacing -er or -or.
    • 2001, "Pr|cK", why the fux0r am i here when im not even a melb person? (on newsgroup melb.general)
    • 2002, "silver_cyber_aj", Cyberdog in Vogue (on newsgroup uk.people.gothic)
      i'm actually quite flattered, i like being androgonous[sic]...but in that pix0r i thought i was being incredibly girly and i find it so amusing that you mistook me for a man! it made my morning!
    • 2003, "Gandalf Parker", need a cd-key (im a l337 hax0r) (on newsgroup alt.games.diablo2)
      Im[sic] not saying anything you said is untrue. Im[sic] just commenting on the leet hax0r thing in the subject.
    • 2004, "Dan Lam", Part two of the Angel Final Episode (on newsgroup alt.tv.angel)
      Spike and Angel are trying to kill0r the middle huge demons but are doing sweet FA damage.
    • 2006, "Sir Chewbury Gubbins", Valentine (Almost) Play, Want, Bin (on newsgroup uk.games.video.misc)
      Want0r: Not really much in the way of games. Zelda, obviously. Some more DS stuff. Nothing specific. The usual migration stuff. Binn0r: Shit jobs.

Derived terms[edit]