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Alternative forms[edit]


10 +‎ x +‎ -er, where x represents the multiplication symbol ×.



10Xer (plural 10Xers)

  1. (business) A particularly talented and productive engineer, thought to be capable of doing the work of ten typical engineers.
    • 2014 April 13, “The Cap Table”, in Silicon Valley[1], season 1, episode 2, spoken by Nelson Bighetti (Josh Brener):
      Richard's a 10Xer, I'm, like, barely an Xer. I kinda suck.
    • 2019, Clive Thompson, Coders, Penguin Books, →ISBN, page 164:
      He started regarding himself as the coding superstar of the firm, the 10Xer towering over all the mere mortals. Convinced that his skills were crucial to everything, he took over more and more tasks, more and more pieces of code.

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