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32 +‎ -mo


32mo (usually uncountable, plural 32mos)

  1. (paper) Abbreviation of thirty-twomo; a size of paper cut from standard uncut free sheets, corresponding to such a sheet folded into thirty-two leaves, yielding sixty-four pages when printed on both sides. Page size is dependent on the size of sheet used, with the largest standard size, Atlas (36" by 26") yielding a page size of 6-1/2" by 4-1/2".
  2. (printing) A book with leaves of such size, about the size of a contemporary trade paperback.


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English paper and book sizes
Latin folio quarto sexto octavo duodecimo sextodecimo octodecimo vicesimo-quarto trigesimo-secundo quadragesimo-octavo sexagesimo-quarto
ALA F Q   O D S T   Tt Fe Sf
height (cm) > 30 25-30 25-30 20-25 17.5-20 15-17.5 12.5-15 12.5-15 10-12.5 7.5-10 < 7.5
printers' folio quarto sixmo octavo twelvemo sixteenmo eighteenmo twenty-fourmo thirty-twomo forty-eightmo sixty-fourmo
abbrev. fo or f 4to 6to or 6mo 8vo 12mo 16mo 18mo 24mo 32mo 48mo 64mo
abbrev. 12º 16º 18º 24º 32º 48º 64º
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  • As seen in and based upon calculation derived from 'Some Notes on Books and Printing: A Guide for Authors and Others' by Charles T. Jacobi, published by Chiswick Press: Charles Wittingham and Company, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane, London, October, 1892, digitized from the Stanford Library collection by Google Books and available online from same.