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The digits can be read as yon-roku-shi-ku, which is similar to よろしく (yoroshiku, pleased to meet you; regards).

Usage notes[edit]

In Japanese, (the number 4) can be read as either "shi" or "yo/yon", depending on the context. It is a bit unusual to use both readings in a single sentence and, unless you are simply counting, they are not interchangeable. Compare 四時 (yoji, not shiji; "four o'clock"), but 四月 ["fourth month", i.e. April] is always read shigatsu, never yogatsu.


4649 (hiragana よろしく, rōmaji yoroshiku)

  1. pleased to meet you; let's get along well
    • 2005, 七瀬晶 Nanase Hikaru, Project SEVEN, p12
      『今回も! 数学はないの?』
      『こんかいもよろしく! すうがくはないの?』
      "konkai mo yoroshiku! sūgaku wa nai no?"