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AMP (countable and uncountable, plural AMPs)

  1. (biochemistry) Initialism of adenosine monophosphate.
    Hyponyms: cAMP, sAMP
    Coordinate terms: A, ADP, ATP
  2. (biochemistry) Initialism of antimicrobial peptide.
  3. (Internet) Initialism of accelerated mobile page.
    • 2019, Richard Conway, How to Get to the Top of Google Search: A Practical SEO Guide, Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited, →ISBN:
      That strict nature of the AMP HTML means that attention to detail is necessary. The pages must be properly validated in order to function every time — and in order to amp up your place in Google's rankings, your AMP site must function every time.
  4. Initialism of Asian massage parlor.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (biblical) Abbreviation of Amplified Bible.

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