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MAP (countable and uncountable, plural MAPs)

  1. (aviation) Initialism of missed approach point.
  2. (travel) Initialism of modified American plan, a hotel rate that included accommodation, breakfast and dinner, but not lunch.
    Synonym: half board
  3. (neurology) Initialism of microtubule-associated protein.
  4. Initialism of modified atmosphere packaging.
  5. (medicine) Initialism of mean arterial pressure.
  6. Acronym of methyl-acetylene propadiene.
  7. (military, attributive) Initialism of multiple aim point.
  8. (euphemistic) Initialism of minor-attracted person..
  9. Initialism of Mexican-American Princess; overly materialistic and selfish young Mexican-American woman.
    • 1994, Latino Law Review, volumes 1-3, page 404:
      My Puerto Rican roommate, who had survived the New York school system, would sarcastically call me a “MAP” or Mexican-American princess because of my boarding school experience.
    • 2010 April, B.J.Ray, Porgies Are Best: A Fishmonger’s Daughter, page 42:
      I guess in many ways I was becoming a Jewish American Princess, also known as a JAP. I thought Jewish men were supposed to totally take care of you. This was not the case with Bob. Oh, I forgot, I’m not Jewish. I was a BAP (translation: a Black American Princess instead of a Jewish American Princess. For any other princesses just put your ethnicity in front and add American Princess. For instance you can be a SAP, Spanish American Princess; a DAP, Dominican American Princess; or even a MAP, Mexican American Princess. Can you imagine being a BAP, SAP, or MAP? Whatever Princess you are, just make sure your Prince is taking care of you.
    • 2016 January 6, James West, “One of the Best TV Shows of 2016 Will Still Be “How to Get Away With Murder.” Here’s Why.”, in Mother Jones:
      Frank, Annalise’s main henchman, blames Laurel, the intern student he’s screwing, for messing up their secret trip to get DNA. “I’m pissed because you tattled to the teacher like the spoiled little M.A.P you are,” he snaps. Someone in the car asks what’s a M.A.P? “A Mexican American Princess,” Laurel explains, pissed off at the pejorative.

Usage notes[edit]

(minor-attracted person): Use is commonly interpreted as a sign that the speaker supports (or is sympathetic to) such people.

Related terms[edit]

methyl-acetylene propadiene