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APM (countable and uncountable, plural APMs)

  1. (finance, countable) Initialism of arbitrage pricing model.
  2. (computing, uncountable) Initialism of advanced power management.
  3. (gaming, uncountable) Initialism of actions per minute.
    • 2016 Le Chien Kim, "Gamer", Miraculous
      He's a total roxor. He's got the highest APM over anyone. Actions per minute. This tournament is his whole life.
  4. (transport, countable) Initialism of automated people mover.
  5. (military, countable) Initialism of anti-personnel mine.
  6. (computing) Initialism of application performance monitoring.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (computing) Initialism of Apple Partition Map.
    Coordinate terms: GPT, MBR
  2. (broadcasting) Initialism of American Public Media.