Adam and Eve

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"Adam and Eve", by Belgium painter Peter Paul Rubens.

Proper noun[edit]

Adam and Eve

  1. The first man and woman, respectively, according to the Book of Genesis.
    Cain and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve.
    • 1963, Bob Dylan (lyrics and music), “Talkin' World War III Blues”, in The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan:
      Well, I spied me a girl and before she could leave / I said “Let’s go and play Adam and Eve
    • 2004, Paul Collins, The Earthborn, page 71:
      In his own unique way, he was a radical—him and that sister of his, Lucida. Radicals with inbuilt longevity—a regular Adam and Eve who would add healthy genes to Earth's decaying gene pool.

Derived terms[edit]



Adam and Eve

  1. The puttyroot (Aplectrum hyemale).


Adam and Eve (third-person singular simple present Adam and Eves, present participle Adam and Eving, simple past and past participle Adam and Eved)

  1. (Cockney rhyming slang) To believe.
    Would you Adam and Eve it: I’ve only gone an’ lost me wallet, ain’t I?

Usage notes[edit]

  • Restricted to a few set phrases, such as would you Adam and Eve it?.