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From a Middle English diminutive form of Alan, Alexander or Alice +‎ -son.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A patronymic surname​.
  2. A male given name transferred from the surname; mostly of persons born before 1950.
  3. A female given name taken into general use in the 1940s; usually interpreted as a spelling variant of Alison.
  4. a small city in Iowa, USA, and the county seat of Butler County.


  • 1956 Grace Metalious: Peyton Place, UPNE, 1999, →ISBN, Book One, Chapter 4,
    Allison MacKenzie's father, for whom the child had been named, died when she was three years old.
  • 1994 Sharyn McCrumb, She Walks These Hills, Scribner's, →ISBN, page 81:
    "Allison?" Surely that was a girl's name.
    "It's after Davey Allison, the race car driver. He got killed right before the baby was born. Tracy and me wanted to honor his memory." It was a precise little speech. She must have explained the name many times.