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Blend of American +‎ manga


Amerimanga (uncountable)

  1. Comics created in the United States, or by extension North America, in the style of Japanese comics (manga).
    • 1995, "Sharpwit", What makes a manga manga? (discussion on Internet newsgroup rec.arts.manga)
      Personally, I believe that an American comic is not manga, but I prefer to call things like NHS either Foreign-manga, Amerimanga, or (the catch-all) "Manga-inspired." That's what I would call an American comic drawn in the manga style.
    • 1998, "Gwydion", What is the "Manga Style"? (discussion on Internet newsgroup rec.arts.comics.misc)
      Every time the subject's come up, I've seen the complaint that "S/he's just copying the manga look, not the layout/storytelling/themes" bandied about over just about any Amerimanga artist you'd care to name. However, I'e [sic] never really seen anyone describe exactly what they *meant* by that. Obviously, they mean more than (as Warren says) "huge eyes and speed-lines". So what else then?
    • 2006, Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link, Gavin Grant, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2006: 19th Annual Collection
      ...and Devil's Due just keeps putting out more terrific, in-color Amerimanga (its new Udon line focuses on video game-related stories)...
    • 2007, Robin E Brenner, Understanding manga and anime
      These titles, dubbed Amerimanga or original English language manga, draw their inspirations from Japanese and other Asian comics.

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