Appendix:Japanese words written in mixed kana

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While many Japanese words are written in kanji with following hiragana (okurigana), or some script (kanji or either kana) + 〜する (-suru, to do) and others are written purely in hiragana or purely in katakana, a few words are written in a mixture of hiragana and katakana, generally katakana with following hiragana, and are not simply of the form “katakana + -suru”. These include:

Note that more common would be to suffix 〜する (-suru, to do) to make these into verbs.

  • ドラえもん (Doraemon, a manga character): “Dora” is from “dora neko” (stray cat), and is a corruption of nora (stray). “Emon” is a component of male given names, such as Goemon, though no longer as popular in the past.[1]
  • くノ一 (kunoichi, female ninja), which combines the hiragana , the katakana and the kanji , which are the three strokes used to write the kanji (woman).