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Asperger +‎ -ian


Aspergian (not comparable)

  1. Affected by or related to Asperger's syndrome.
    • 2008, Cornish, "What Aspies Need to Know When Working in the Neurotypical Environment", in Asperger Syndrome and Employment: Adults Speak Out about Asperger Syndrome (ed. Genevieve Edmonds & Luke Beardon), Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2008), ↑ISBN, page 119:
      The secret of a happy and fulfilling Aspergian life is to first know and understand your individual limits and boundaries; []
    • 2009, Masha Gessen, Perfect Rigor: A Genius and the Mathematical Breakthrough of the Century, Houghton Mifflin (2009), ↑ISBN, page 177:
      In the Aspergian world, conversations are exchanges of information, not exchanges of pleasantries.
    • 2010, Rudy Simone, Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome, Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2010), ↑ISBN, page 147:
      The Aspergian need for R&R—ritual and routine—is a way of controlling our world.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:Aspergian.



Aspergian (plural Aspergians)

  1. A person with Asperger's syndrome.
    • 2010, Rudy Simone, Asperger's on the Job: Must-Have Advice for People with Asperger's or High Functioning Autism, and Their Employers, Educators, and Advocates, Future Horizons (2010), ↑ISBN, page 12:
      An Aspergian may be able to talk for hours on their favorite subject, but bring up a local sports team or the weather, and they're stumped (unless that is one of their obsessions).
    • 2011, Cornish, "Getting the Right Diagnosis, and Its Impact on Mental Health: Is This The Best the NHS Can Do?", Aspies on Mental Health: Speaking for Ourselves (eds. Luke Beardon & Dean Worton), Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2011), ↑ISBN, page 77:
      And so, the only thing I could do, being a passive Aspergian was to withdraw into a world of autistic hell.
    • 2011, Jael McHenry, The Kitchen Daughter, Gallery Books (2011), ↑ISBN, page 176:
      But because Aspergians can express themselves in words, they have more ways to deal with their aversions or indulge their interests.