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Astroturf (third-person singular simple present Astroturfs, present participle Astroturfing, simple past and past participle Astroturfed)

  1. To cover with an artificial grass-like material.
    • 2002, Wendy Perriam, Tread Softly, page 17:
      But what was there left to Astroturf? The sitting-room? Hugh's bald patch?
    • 2006, Dick Wolfsie, Indiana Curiosities, 2nd, page 41:
      Is it just me, or is it hard to find anyone nowadays to Astroturf your car?
  2. (politics, usually lowercase) To fabricate an impression of political support for an agenda. See astroturfing.


Astroturf (comparative more Astroturf, superlative most Astroturf)

  1. Of a group created by a larger organisation (especially a corporation or political party), but presenting itself as a grassroots organisation.


Astroturf (plural Astroturfs)

  1. Alternative spelling of AstroTurf

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