Attila the Hun

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Proper noun[edit]

Attila the Hun

  1. Attila, a king of the tribes of Huns.



Attila the Hun

  1. A tyrant; a person characterized by ruthless aggressiveness.
    • Ken Wells, Travels with Barley: A Journey Through Beer Culture in America (2004) p. 172:
      He also told me that while Rehr, in person, could be “a gracious and friendly guy,” he was clearly “the Attila the Hun of the alcoholic beverage industry.
    • Gina F. Wilkins, The Family Plan (2003) p. 9:
      He didn't know then that he had hired the Attila the Hun of ambitious young lawyers.
    • Jake Tapper, Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency (2001) p. 315:
      They don't have a Jim Baker, they don't have a warrior, an Attila the Hun.
    • Ole Ingstrup, Paul Stanley Crookall, The Three Pillars of Public Management: Secrets of Sustained Success (1998) p. 9:
      The organizations don't tolerate an Attila the Hun in one office and a Mother Teresa next door.
    • Edward Klein, Just Jackie: Her Private Years (1998) p. 270:
      What better way for them to get started, Grastos said, than for Onassis to call Roy M. Cohn, the Attila the Hun of divorce attorneys.
    • Paul L. Brown, Managing Behavior on the Job (1982) p. 84:
      The workers were being supervised by an Attila the Hun.

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