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From the initials of an early manufacturer: Bradley, Voorhees & Day.


BVDs pl (plural only)

  1. (informal, initialism) A type of men's long underwear.
    • 1953, Richard Bissell, 7½ Cents, Atlantic-Little, Brown, 1953, p. 53:
      The dealers apparently got a big inventory and since the war all nobody seems to be buying pajamas. Learned to sleep in their ‘BVDs’ during the war years in the armed services all these young men did.
    • 1970, John Glassco, Memoirs of Montparnasse, New York 2007, p. 97:
      We frolicked like dolphins – Graeme and I in shorts and Bob in his B.V.D.'s – and then stretched out on the ancient waveworn shingle to let the sinking sun dry and warm us.

Usage notes[edit]

  • To make clear the exact quantity being discussed may require the use of "pair of BVDs" or "(however many) pairs of BVDs".

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