jockey shorts

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Former trade name, from jockstrap, since they were regarded as offering a similar level of physical support.


jockey shorts pl (plural only)

  1. (US, dated, informal) Men's or boys' briefs.
    • 1980, William Hogan, The Quartzsite Trip, page 209:
      He had left his swimming suit at home, but going around in his jockey shorts seemed a good substitute.
    • 2000, Charles Edward Gibb, Murder on the Cocktail Circuit, page 194:
      Back in his stateroom, sitting in his black jockey shorts, Scotty once again felt the exhaustion creep back into his body.
    • 2011, Howard S. Rowland, Robinson Crusoe in Suburbia, page 64:
      In my jockey shorts I quickly tiptoed on bare feet down the still corridor to embrace my beaming rosy-cheeked bedfellow before the elevator arrived.
    • 2018, C. Dale Young, The Affliction, page 14:
      We sat in our jockey shorts and t-shirts drinking whiskey.

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