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Alternative forms[edit]


From Arabic بَعْث(baʿṯ, resurrection), part of the party's official name, حِزْب البَعْث العَرَبِيّ الاِشْتِرَاكِيّ(ḥizb al-baʿṯ al-ʿarabiyy al-ištirākiyy, literally the party of the Arab socialist resurrection). The sequence ــَعْـ (aʿ) is often rendered as ⟨aa⟩ in English; compare Baalbek for بَعْلَبَكّ(baʿlabakk), the Kaaba for الكَعْبَة(al-kaʿba), Saad (name) for سَعْد(saʿd), or zaatar for زَعْتَر(zaʿtar).


Proper noun[edit]

the Baath

  1. The Arab Socialist Baath Party, a secular Arab socialist political party present in several countries in the Middle East, most prominently Iraq and Syria.
    • 1959, Swiss Review of World Affairs[1], page 23:
      Today it is they that proclaim the slogan of "federation"—which is opposed to the Baath's postulates.
    • 1978, Ware, Lewis B., A Handbook of the Arab-Israeli Crisis[2], page 96:
      Nasser had a country without a party, but the Baath was still a party without a country.
    • 1980, Dawisha, Adeed I., Syria and the Lebanese crisis[3], page 46:
      For the Party to succeed in achieving these aims, Aflaq insisted that the Baath had to be nationalist, populist, socialist and revolutionary.
    • 1995, Viorst, Milton, Sandcastles[4], page 23:
      The Baath was small but well organized and bold, and could not be intimidated.
    • 2012, Habeeb, William Mark, The Middle East in Turmoil[5], page 185:
      The Baath is an avowedly secular party that has pursued socialist economic policies and at one time was aligned with the "godless" Soviet Union.
    • 2016, Mansour, Imad, Statecraft in the Middle East[6], page 125:
      The 1973 War was an opportunity for decision makers to demonstrate that their work under the Baath was substantively different than their predecessors, [...]
    • 2018, Abouzeid, Rania, No Turning Back: Life, Loss, and Hope in Wartime Syria[7]:
      The Baath was the party of the downtrodden, stacked with minorities and the rural poor of all sects, including Sunni.
    • 2021, Solomon, Christopher, In Search of Greater Syria[8], page 5:
      It was on this platform that the Baath would bring glory, honor, and enlightenment back to the Arab World in the wake of European colonialism.

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