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Banks +‎ -ian


Banksian (comparative more Banksian, superlative most Banksian)

  1. (botany) Of or pertaining to Joseph Banks, English botanist and naturalist.
  2. Of or pertaining to Iain Banks (born 1954) or his writings, most notably a utopian style of science fiction.
    • 2003, David Langford, Up Through an Empty House of Stars, page 214:
      Naturally it's compulsive Banksian reading, with lashings of gore, squalor, poison, torture and philosophy.
    • 2007, Ian Brown, The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature, page 255:
      [] the recurring motif of war and its symbolic Banksian appendage, the figure of the castle []
    • Books in Scotland (issues 63-68, page 4)
      And it is in the character and story of Abel that this element of Banksian self-parody shows itself most clearly []

Derived terms[edit]