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Alternative forms[edit]


Barcelonan ‎(not comparable)

  1. From Barcelona or otherwise related to the city of Barcelona.
    • 1998, Laplana, Josep de C., Macià, Teresa, Museu de Montserrat: visitor's guide
      Next to a Catalan revival paten which represents the Adoration of the Kings, there is another which was produced, in 1924, by the Barcelonan metalworker Ramon Sunyer (1889-1963).



Barcelonan ‎(plural Barcelonans)

  1. Someone from Barcelona
    • 1830, Josiah Conder, The Modern Traveller: Spain and Portugal
      For more than a century, the Barcelonans were engaged in incessant struggles with the Moors, but ultimately maintained their independence till the annexation of the principality of Catalonia to the crown of Aragon in the twelfth century.